How to Get Laid on Tinder (for Men)

Increase your matches on Tinder with these great tips from Amanda Leigh.


Tinder. It’s the ultimate hook-up app for millennials. If you’re reading this guide, you’ve probably already flicked through a few hundred profiles and are wondering, “Why am I not getting any matches?” I’m here to teach you how to get laid on Tinder by creating a profile that women won’t hesitate to swipe right on.

Disclaimer: I have no conscience about helping men to get laid on Tinder. After all, it’s why we’re all on there anyway – isn’t it?


This isn’t the place for LinkedIn headshots or high angle selfies from your MySpace years. You have all of 0.5 seconds to impress us with your primary profile pic. This is almost always the main point of failure for men on Tinder. This is the most important part of your Tinder profile.

Your primary photo is the most important part of your Tinder profile


  • Show a clear photo of you smiling in a confident, but non-threatening pose. Do away with the sunglasses and macho poses.
  • Demonstrate your physical prowess without being blatant. This means no shirtless pics or gym selfies. If you’re fit, we can tell – even under layers of thermals.
  • Tell a story with your profile pic. If you want us to make the first move, you have to give us an excuse to strike up conversation with you. Show yourself engaged in an activity or sport that’s likely to interest us. If all else fails, use a pic of you and your dog.
  • Include 2 secondary photos which follow the rules above. Don’t include any more than 2 or you’ll seem desperate to impress.


  • Try too hard. We know that Lamborghini you’re posing with isn’t yours.
  • Use pics of you in a group. When we’re flicking through hundreds of profiles in one sitting, we aren’t going to stop to figure out who you are.
  • Use pics of you with other women. Pick up artists call this ‘social proof’ or ‘DHV’ (displaying higher value). Chance are we’ll think you’re a player or a sleaze.


Your profile is the section that appears if you’ve passed the first test and we’ve liked your photo enough to click the button beneath your smiling face. Beware – this section can quickly turn a hottie into a nottie.

Give us an excuse to make the first move


  • Go on Facebook and ‘like’ all of the sports, hobbies, movies and music that interest you. If we have a common like, it will show up and give us something to talk about.


  • Try to be cute or clever in your description. It’s best to leave this section blank. If we’ve liked you enough to stalk your profile, you don’t need to do any more convincing.

Discover Settings

If you’ve done all the steps above and you’re still getting no matches, you might want to review your discover settings.


If you live in the city, don’t set your distance to anything more than 1 hour’s commute away. Maxing out your distance will reveal more women to you, but if you aren’t located within the distance that they’ve set on their accounts, you’ll never appear to them.


If you’re 50, don’t set your age range to 18 to 21 unless you’re looking for a certain kinda gal. Like distance, you have to fall within the age range that women have chosen in order to appear as a potential match to them.

Tinder Hacks

We’ve all read about ‘Tinder Hacks’ and guys who’ve put text across their primary photos saying “Hot Match of the Day” or “Spunk of the Month”. I wrote a guide about it for guys who get no matches on Tinder. If you’ve done all of the above and still aren’t getting any matches, it’s worth a shot.

Swipe right on everyone

The best way to improve your matches? Swipe right (or click on the green heart) on everyone. If you’re worried about getting matched with the wrong person, fear not – you can always ‘unmatch’ with them later on.

There are some apps out there that claim to be able to ‘auto swipe’ or ‘auto like’ to save you time. They’re worth a Google, but use them at your own peril.


  1. […] Anyway, my friend and I were having a casual chat about dating and hookups and Tinder came up in the conversation. He told me that he doesn’t use Tinder because he never gets any quality matches. I couldn’t believe it. Women stop him in the street and ask for his number! Naturally, I asked him to prove it. He took out his phone and swiped right on over 50 profiles. We waited at least five minutes and he had three matches. Three! I wondered why he was getting no matches on Tinder. The first thought that came to mind was that his main photo looked too professional and women may have thought he was a fake, so I told him to switch it to a more casual photo. We repeated the process again and he immediately got about ten matches. If I remember in the morning, I’ll have to add this to my How to Get Laid on Tinder Guide. […]


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