How to Get a Girlfriend at University

Discover how to get a girlfriend at university with these hot tips from Laura.


University’s an exciting time for many guys and girls. It’s an opportunity to learn new things and step out of one’s comfort zone. It’s also where many meet their first love.

I went to an all-girls Catholic school and for many of us, it was the first time we’d ever had the chance to mingle with members of the opposite sex on a regular basis. Many of the girls I knew jumped straight in the deep end and had ditched their ‘v-cards’ by the end of schoolies week. I’d like to think that I was a bit more selective than those girls. While they were out attending parties, hooking up and having one night stands, I spent my days at university looking for a real connection with someone who respected themselves and interested me.

This is not a guide on how to pick up girls at university. If you want a guide on how to get laid tonight, go and read any of our many Tinder pickup guides. This is a guide on how to get a girlfriend at university who’ll still be around long after you’ve packed away your hard earned degree in a cardboard box at your mother’s place.

Do Something Completely Different

Most universities have student societies. The one I went to had over 200 societies, including an Atheist Society, Chocolate Society, Tea Society and a ‘No Homers Club’; a society for Simpsons fans. Through these societies, I formed a lot of long-lasting relationships with students who I would have otherwise never met on campus. I also met a boyfriend through one of these societies – and one of the geekier societies too!

If you’re joining a society in the hope of finding a girlfriend, your best bet is to join one that women are most likely to participate in. Make sure you pick one that you are interested in too, because the passion that you show for the subject matter of the club is what’s going to draw others to you, not your interest in those who attend. Let’s just say we had a lot of cling-ons in the Star Trek society at my university.

Attend Classes in Your First Week

For most subjects, the first week of classes involves general orientation and other crap that you could probably get from reading your course outline. Course material generally isn’t taught until the second week, which is why a lot of students choose to skip the first week of lectures and tutorials. Don’t fall into this trap.

The first week of lectures and tutorials is a great opportunity for you to meet and network with students in your course. Not only will you be able to identify the high achievers (they’ll come in handy come group assignment time), but you’ll also have time to develop a rapport with some of the more interesting (and attractive) students in your class.

Attend Lots of Parties

A great way to build up your network outside of your own course is to attend lots of parties. University students celebrate almost anything and there are always plenty of parties to attend.

Get acquainted with the usual party liaisons to ensure that you’ll meet people that you know at the next party. Even better, invite a couple of those hotties from your gender studies course along and introduce them to people at your next party. Pickup artists like to refer to this as ‘social proof’. I like to think of it as a way of establishing that you’re someone that people can get along with and like to be around. It’s also a good opportunity to find out whether that girl you’ve invited along prefers beer bongs or quiet corners.

Be Cool (Don’t Be a Jerk)

Remember, no matter how popular you become at university or how many high distinctions you receive in your subjects, it’s important to always downplay your achievements. No one likes a bragger and making it seem like that HD you scored in biology was no big deal will make her want to jump your bones even more than if you’d told her how many all-nighters you pulled studying for the final.

Always Put Yourself First

Above all, you should always put yourself first. Don’t go out of your way to do anything for anyone. Ultimately you enrolled at university to earn a degree and to network – in that order. Girls respect a guy who’s driven and self-motivated. Once things start to get serious toward the end of your degree, they’ll turn their backs on the party boys and look to those who have their studies on track. Believe me, nothing gets the blood going like a private study session.

I firmly believe that if you follow the steps above, you’ll have no trouble getting a girlfriend at university. Good luck!


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