Why Tinder is a Waste of Time

Guest contributor Laura tells us why she thinks Tinder is a waste of time.


The dating scene is way different in my mid-30s than it was in my early 20s back in college. First of all, no one had smart phones when I was in college (I graduated in 2002). You were lucky if you had your own laptop and didn’t have to use the computer lab, like I did. There was always that one guy in there who smelled like had not left the lab once since 1996. I didn’t know we even offered a degree in online gaming.

Tinder Dating was a Waste of My Time

In my efforts to stop my friends from reminding me how much time I spend by myself –as a social introvert, I take offense at this– I decided to appease their sentiments by trying the online dating thing. There are always the usual giants: eHarmony and its creepy old dude with his statistics, and Match.com with their happy actors who know they can eat this week. And finally, I was told about the Tinder dating app. This was by far the worst idea ever. I live in the abstract world of academia and regular relationships. This app is not designed for those who are trying to find that special someone to tolerate for the rest of their lives. It’s more for people who just want to get laid tonight. I find more meaning in relationships than hook-ups. I mean, I’ve moved past all that.

Tinder is for people who just want to get laid

Here’s how it works: you download the app onto your phone, and it pulls all of your information (likes, interests, profile photo) off of your Facebook page. There are no profiles to choose from, you just look through pictures of people and choose which people you think are ugly and which look good to you. If someone you thought looks good thinks you look good too, then you get some basic info on them and start chatting. If you really want to find who’s creepy in a non-committal kind of way, then by all means, Tinder is the way to go. But by the time you’re in your 30s, you really should be past all that non-committal relationship kind of stuff. It’s time to grow up.

Tinder is solely focused on superficial traits

The other thing that really gets my goat about Tinder dating is that it puts no focus on who the person is. These things only matter on a surface level. The nuances don’t matter anymore. It’s solely focused on superficial traits, like your appearance. Granted, looks do play a part in finding someone to build a relationship with, but it’s certainly not everything. People’s bodies change as they get older, but your mind and your skills will far outlast the shape of your body. We’ve become superficial and materialistic as a society, and Tinder thrives on this.



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