How to Get More Tinder Dates


If you’ve been getting frustrated with no matches on Tinder, then you’re not alone. A few weeks ago I was sitting in a bar downtown with one of my male friends who’s a professional model signed to an international modelling agency. He was recently featured in a campaign for a popular men’s fragrance. Imagine a Greco-Roman statue with a Brooklyn accent. That’s him.

Anyway, my friend and I were having a casual chat about dating and hookups and Tinder came up in the conversation. He told me that he doesn’t use Tinder because he never gets any quality matches. I couldn’t believe it. Women stop him in the street and ask for his number! Naturally, I asked him to prove it. He took out his phone and swiped right on over 50 profiles. We waited at least five minutes and he had three matches. Three! I wondered why he was getting no matches on Tinder. The first thought that came to mind was that his main photo looked too professional and women may have thought he was a fake, so I told him to switch it to a more casual photo. We repeated the process again and he immediately got about ten matches. If I remember in the morning, I’ll have to add this to my How to Get Laid on Tinder Guide.

You’re probably thinking, “If a male model gets no matches on Tinder, then how am I going to stand a chance?” The problem with Tinder is that almost all men swipe right. It’s a pain in the butt to swipe right on a guy who isn’t 100% the whole package because the ‘You have a new match’ prompts are so disruptive and annoying, as are the typically needy messages you get from the guys that you do match with. As a result, women spend 99.9% of the time swiping left on Tinder. I can literally pick up my phone for ten minutes and do nothing but swipe left. The problem is, I often get into such a routine that I end up swiping left on someone who I actually liked the look of and because there’s no way to go back, I end up getting no matches on Tinder!

What you need to do is to make women break their chain of swipe-lefts and stop on your Tinder profile. It’s actually easier to do than you think and it’s all explained right here:…


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